Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday Feature: You Know You're --- If...

Not that I care for Jeff Foxworthy's redneck routines, but there are some glaring stereotypes in the NFL, both for teams, players, and positions. I'll be devoting Wednesdays to a little league-inspired levity, as we all know sports fans (football specifically) can take things a little too seriously. Without further ado...

"You know you're the Oakland Raiders if..."
...Having a game tied at 10-10 through over three quarters qualifies as "dominance."

"You know you're the Detroit Lions if..."
...Scoring 27 points (with a rookie QB) still nets you a blowout loss.

"You know you're an NFL referee if..."
...You feel justified in flagging Vince Wilfork for a legal, safe hit on a QB.

"You know you're Laron Landry if..."
...You're useless both against the run and in coverage against the Giants (yes, I'm a homer, but we own that guy).

"You know you're Adrian Peterson if..."
...You look unstoppable, even with defenders hanging all over you.

"You know you're the Buffalo Bills if..."
...Your game or season comes down to one play that you don't make. A day late and a dollar short? More like a play late and a fumble short.


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