Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Fantasy Forecast

I don't know when people pick their starters for their fantasy teams, as every league is different. That's also what makes picking players hard, as different leagues assign different values for different stats. But I'll do my best here.

Like a Boss
Adrian Peterson - Duh. He's the best pure runner in the league. He's playing Detroit, which while improved, isn't ready for this guy. I'm looking for him to have 160+ yards, and 2 or more TDs.

Baltimore Defense - Anyone worth their salt picked Baltimore anyway, but their matchup is interesting this week. San Diego's offensive line is banged up, so I'm expecting a few sacks, at least one INT, and at least one forced fumble.

Jason Witten - Witten is always a bad match for the Giants. There are question marks with their linebackers and safeties, and Jason Witten could pick up 7 catches, 90+ yards, and at least one TD.

Aaron Rodgers - Cincinnati's secondary is suspect (say that three times fast). Rodgers looked invincible in the preseason, struggled in the opener, and should rebound strongly to the tune of 300 yards and 3 TDs (with one INT).

Like a....Bum
Matt Hasselbeck - San Francisco's defense is playing superb ball under Mike Singletary. An unreliable run game in Seattle makes his job that much harder.

Steve Slaton - I would bench any RB going against the Titans defense. Slaton didn't get a lot of room to run last week, and Tennessee's defense minds there gaps better than almost anyone.

Chicago Defense - Losing Brian Urlacher cripples the effectiveness of this defense. The Steelers are looking to air it out, and should put up a lot of yards and points here.

Carson Palmer - Despite switching schemes to the 3-4, Green Bay still has a great secondary. Carson is still getting healthy, still getting to know Coles, and still doesn't have a good offensive line. Poor guy's in for a long day.

Ray Rice - San Diego's run defense looked iffy against the Raiders, and I see the Rutgers kid doing well this week. If you're in a league that rewards receptions by running backs, Rice could give you a lot.

Brian Westbrook - New Orleans' defense has gotten a lot of attention this summer, but Westbrook kills linebackers, and Vilma is the only legit one on the roster. No McNabb means greater emphasis on the run game, and lots of short passes and dump offs, so Westbrook figures to be a HUGE factor on Sunday.

Ronnie Brown - I don't trust Indy's run defense, despite all their efforts to get bigger on the line. Ronnie Brown could rack up 120 yards, maybe 2 TDs.

New York Jets Defense - The undertalented Bills gave Tom Brady all he could handle on Monday. Anyone think Rex Ryan's Jets are worse than the Bills? This game has real upset possibilities, and the defense would be where that comes to life.

Jay Cutler - I'm taking a risk on this one, but losing Troy Polamalu takes away the big play potential of Pittsburgh's defense. Cutler won't throw 4 interceptions again. The Bears will not win this game, but Jay Cutler will pitch a much better game this time around.

Flame away!


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