Friday, October 2, 2009

Week 4 Pick: Marquee Game

There's really only one legitimate choice for Marquee game, and that is:

Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings

Over/Under: 45
Line: Vikings by 3 1/2

My Thoughts
This game is a Monday Night Football producer's wet dream. Brett Favre playing against the Packers is the only fair choice for Marquee game. The only way this gets any juicier would be if it were in Green Bay (which happens later in the year). However, despite the high profile this game brings with it, there are only a few major storylines to follow.

Both teams bring (objectively) very good quarterbacks, with receivers capable of big plays. I think the receiver edge goes to the Packers, where Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, and Jordy Nelson can all stretch the field. Giving Aaron Rodgers time to hit these talented targets will be key, and I think nearly impossible. Antwan Odom destroyed the Packers' offensive line; does anyone really think Jared Allen can't do something similar? The Pack are likely to get off a few big plays, but Rodgers will spend a large part of the game running for his life.

Speaking of running, that's how this game will be won or lost. Both teams sport top flight corners and safeties, so the passing games will be limited on both sides. This will be a duel between Ryan Grant and Adrian Peterson. Care to guess who I give the edge in that one? Not former Giant Ryan Grant, that's for sure. I expect this game to be a good old fashioned NFC North slugfest, with the better running team pulling away late. I'll take the Vikings just barely covering that spread.

Vikings 27
Packers 24

I'm riding a 3 week roll on these picks. I'm a little nervous about some of this week's choices, so that may bring my rockin' 7-0 record back down to earth. Looks like a monster slate of games, so enjoy it!


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