Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Giants v Raiders Recap

I'm a little late doing this, but that's okay, because I can sum up this game review really quickly.


New York Giants
This was a full-team domination on Sunday. The Giants ran and passed with impunity to the tune of 44 points. The defense was outstanding, racking up 6 sacks, 3 fumbles, and holding Oakland to under 200 total yards of offense and 7 points. Even that touchdown shouldn't be there, as it was a lousy call by the refs. I'll forgive the defense for giving up a touchdown when Oakland gets the ball at our 13. This had trap game written all over it, with a daunting game against the Saints on the horizon, but Coughlin and his coaches has this team well prepared to kill the Raiders. Special shout-outs to David Carr, Justin Tuck, Matthias Kiwanuka, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Eli Manning for particularly impressive showings.


Oakland Raiders
Seriously, as a team, what did the Raiders do well? They ran the ball ineffectively. Jamarcus Russel might be the worst quarterback I've ever seen. The offensive line couldn't protect him (or run block). The defense simply wilted. Even Nnamdi Asomugha didn't have a great game (granted, we threw at him, like, once). When Tom Cable took over as coach last year, he really had this team playing for him, giving great effort. Now it looks like they don't even want to play anymore. That's really a shame, because there are some really good players on this team (McFadden, Louis Murphy, Asomugha, Richard Seymour, Kirk Morrison, Greg Ellis). This whole franchise just needs to start over.

Sinorice Moss
Moss is a guy who just drives me insane. I know he has talent, I can see the game-breaking speed. Somehow, he just can't make it work in games. His punt returns have been sub-par all season, and Sunday's were truly awful. He muffed one on what should have been a routine "let it drop" kick, and almost messed up another one. He's done nothing as a receiver, and he contributes nothing on special teams. Sorry, but there is no place on a championship caliber team for Sinorice Moss.

The Officiating Crew
Anyone watching the game clearly saw Justin Fargas fumble that ball in the second quarter. He was never down by contact. And they can't say they ruled "forward progress" when the whistle didn't blow until after CC Brown had the ball and was off running. That was a horrid bit of officiating that caused a 14-point swing in this game. I'll always consider the final score of this one 51-0.


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